Here at Poptropica, people are getting Love Sick! It’s the new Mechanical Flu! Witches are brewing Love Potions to make profits, which turns into lovey-dovey Poptropicans BUYING BIG HEARTED–the new store item that’s a big heart! YUCK!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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The one and only Dr. Hare

Oh, only time will tell when the Love Sickness will end! But for now, there’s ways to prevent it!

  1. Stay away from the Store.

Poptopricans have been found drifting away with hearts and chocolates and flowers and yuck.

2.  Don’t believe in the love!

Dr Hare and his furry litte pink behind must be trying to get something to emphasise his “evil.” If you believe it, you’ll never see it–Or anything at all, for that matter.  Hearts have been following those that have been believin’ the love!

And that concludes our Healthy Tips with Hyper Star! Stay safe from the love!–What? New perfume?! OK! *spraying sounds* OMG LOVE POTION!!! AAAH!

Narrator: And as HS runs away, while being followed by a giant heart, and a witch… And Dr. Hare… There is a new contest she is unaware of… Check out the post above for details!