Hello this is Abram Newsguy on the streets of Poptropica with breaking news! Suddenly random outbursts of Poptropican have turned to solid gold. Robbers have began stealing the Gold Poptropican. All cops are out on the watch for people carrying solid gold Poptropicans, a little hard to miss. Well back to you Abram!

Hello, there this is Abram here and there has been a new PCB post.

Get the Midas Touch!

avatar imageShark Boy

Yep so apparently the Creators have come up with a new item for their membership granted people, while us regular non-membership people have to buy it with the lousy credits we have to earn by working. Ugg working, who like to work. Yo so this seems to be a pretty weird useless item. It just like most cool stuff items cost 25o credit. When using this item you can turn yourself and others into a gold. Weird, I wonder how that works, can you use it during the game? Probably not. Idk, strange item. Oh well, in other news PopNews! has been delayed for technical difficulties. Stay tuned! And also for our personal connection I turned 13 last week, Groundhog Day reveled 6 more weeks of winter and the Saints upset and shocked the Colts winning the Super Bowl. Well that it bye!