Hi Guys,welcome to The PIB again. Anyway,we are currently investagating whether Tyson Burnham is a Poptropica Creator.  Here is an excerpt from his blog:

Next week on thursday, January 18th, myself, Jordan Leary, and Nate Greenwall will all be giving a seminar up on the campus of USU. The seminar will be for the graphic design students there, and we will be speaking about what we do at LetterPress Software.
To be honest, I am really nervous. I am not used to speaking to groups of people, let alone folks I think may even be better at what I do than I am. But what I am most worried about is my usual racing thoughts when I am the focus of attention of a large group of people. I am sure it will work out, and I will be prepared to go in a direction that will be beneficial to the students in attendance. Preparation is key.

This proves that Nate,Jordan and Tyson were once a “Dream team”. Sadly,he had to leave. Time for another excerpt:

I am really excited. I have just been offered a job to work at a television station over in Salt Lake City. I think this will be a great opportunity, and a good career move. My future bosses were really nice, and showed me around the facilities there. It will be a good change I think, but I will miss all my friends here at LetterPress. I will see how commuting to SLC from happy valley will work out. We want to stay here until kindergarten is done for our 5 year old, and then move down. I think I will be fine with the commute for 3 and a half months, but it will all depend on the TV station and if they say they really need me to move down there right away. We will see.

I will be a broadcast graphic designer there. My main task will be working on graphics for news stories, but as I get more experience I will help with other projects as they come up as well.

He was on Channel 2 for Utah and several other states. After doing some more investigating,I’ve found his e-mail. THis information shall remain disclosed for now. We have e-mailed him and will give you more info on this investigation. Now onto The PCB!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yesterday Vlad showed me some sketches he made of one of the strangest islands yet. These can’t possibly be real, can they?

avatar image

This looks like a sketch of a new “High Tech” Island. If you look closely,you can see that is half of the image. It appears another picture is cut off.  Sounds Like my kinda Island
Guy in audience: NERD!!!
Me: NOBODY ASKED YOU!!! *Bans* 😀
Sorry for that interruption. It shouldn’t happen again.
The site’s gonna be under construction,but be sure to come later tonight as we release PopNews! In other news,we’re adding new features to the Homepage. PopNews! Doesn’t have too many features yet because we need you to submit graphix and comments to us. Thanks you.