Hai peoplez Mets here. I’d like to apologize to the fact that the Staff’s been busy lately. Anyway,as you probably know,the creators released Memberships.

Rock on with memberships! Or you can just hack RTV..xD I honestly hate the idea of memberships,its making Poptropica CP-ified. LETS GO GET THE CREATORS TO STOP THIS uhh..I’m not allowed to go on any further…. xD lol

An RTV Sneak Peek has been released as well.

This terrible quality is brought to you by YOUTUBE,remember,hate Youtube! (Not literally,I love Youtube….as a vid deliverer. There is also a new ad out on Super Monkey Ball. I’m too lazy to actually do the ad. Just a little reminder; PopNews! will be out Saturday! We don’t wanna interfere with the super bowl,isn’t that right Abram? lol. Well,I’m signing off.