February 2010

Another Update: We have our very first poll now. It’s at the bottom of the sidebar. Make sure to vote!

UPDATE: Please check out a cool new blog. It used to have tons of hits,and still does. Now they’re trying to do some construction and getting new members. The link is http://poptropicafunblog.wordpress.com/

Hai pplz of da blogging world,Mets here. I may be going on hiatus (offline for a little bit) soon. But I did just make a huge Discovery. Don’t believe me? His name is Jess Brailer. The PHB had him on the list of “possible creators” and after doing some more investigating,we can confirm he is a creator. Here is the link: http://www.ourwhitehouse.org/contribbios/brailler.html

As you can see he’s clearly a creator. From there,hopefully we can make some progress. We’re still waiting on a response from Tyson Burnham. This has been your

Update. And now to RTV.

RTV is now out for members! There are many chracters..and Hippie man has a confirmed name now..it is..

Hippie Harry

Yeah,I like Hippie Man a whole lot better. Heres the PCB post:

Get Real!

The new Reality TV island is now available early with Poptropica membership! If you don’t have membership, Reality TV will still be out and FREE for everyone on March 24th!

Well,thats all. Signing off,


UPDATE!!! PopNews! is now out! Scroll down to see the link and check it out!!!

A lot to tell you about here. The Creators have made 2 new posts. Here’s the first one which is an island update

Help me

I don’t know who allowed access to this cave but this area is obviously unstable and they didn’t even offer me a hardhat. Besides, what is that weird, green thing in the water

avatar imageMaster Mime

In this post our friend from Counterfeit Island rejoins us to tell us about what seems to be a sneak peak of Mythology Island. So from this sneak peak you can tell that you have to do a mission and to complete or do something to find something you have to go through this and the object is to pass without you boat getting hit by a falling rock and sinking. But I agree with Mr. Mime man, What is that green thing?

The second post is about New store items.

A little magic in store…

We’ve just released a new “Magician” outfit in the store! This outfit has a few fun surprises…and facial hair 🙂

avatar image Shark Boy

So there are some new items to the store for both genders. We have the male magician and female magician. As usual, these costumes cost 75 credits. The special action that happens when you hit the spacebar for the male magician is that bubbles come out of his hat and then a bouquet of flowers. And also eh has facial hair! Yay! Cause that’s every little boy’s dream is to grow facial hair.

And finally PopNews! is already out. The link is https://poptropicaninfoblog.wordpress.com/popnews-2/popnewsissue-1/ Sorry it we didn’t announce its release,you can blame Mets for that (Yes,Mets is editing right now :p )

Well that’s it, see ya!

~Abram signing off (idk what the whole ~ thing is about it just that I found it a few seconds ago and wanted to use it so ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok seriously bye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Ok I mean it this time, bye


Hi Guys,as you know,we’ve recently had a contest for our 10,000 Hits. Well,the results are finally in!It was very hard deciding. We were a bit deadlocked for a while. But we used a point scoring system. Points were hard to come by. We voted on who we thought was best,second best and third best individually.  The person voted best would get 5 points,second best got 3 points and 3rd place got 1 point.  Anyways,here are our winners:

In third place with ,5 points, we have..Cooky Monzta!! Congratz Cooky Monzta! In second place, with 8 points, we have Cheerful Ring! Cool Costume 😉 And..the moment you’ve all waited for…the winner…with a close-to-second-place 9 points..we have…a commercial Break!! *Commercial Break Starts* Are you tired of gross food? Wanna eat like a king-no,god? Then Visit Mythology Island on Poptropica! Coming Soon…. *Commercial ends*

And we’re back! Sorry for that cruel break there,I just had to do it 😀 . Anyways,the first place winner..with a total 9 points..we have…Happy Storm! Congratz to all the winners. You get to choose which account you want in an e-mail that will be sent shortly. Please Note: Second Place and Third place will have to wait to recieve their e-mailz due to the places ahead of them. I’d also like to announce that if we had a fourth place,it would’ve been Silly Octopus with 4 points. You came close Dude. All costumes were great!


Yup thats right 😀 Riot Against Poptropi…err..did I just type that out loud? Anyways,Mets posting here. First off..the creators are like lawyers. Lemme show you what I mean:

Reality TV Island Comes out February 24th

if you have membership…. 😦

Did you see the fine print above? NO! Exactly! Reality TV Island comes out a whole month later for all players. C’mon Creators,we’ve waited 2 years for this!!! Anyways,the PIB now sells Fish Nuggets! YEAH (this is an anecdote)!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Mythology Gourmet! Try our delicious Fish Nuggets,or our brand new House Salad. Why not have some Pomegranete Punch in our "Special Chalace" that you'll just love! (Literally,it was made by Athena,goddess of love). (More anecdotes)

Man,if school lunches were like that,I wouldn’t mind going to school. Yes,thats right..SCHOOL! In other news..

  • Comic Kid may not be active due to the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.
  • The contest ends soon,so be sure to enter!
  • Abram will be inactive for a little while. He’s busy,kinda like me in December. But don’t worry. He’ll be back soon 😉
  • The next PopNews! Will have a delayed release.
  • We’ve had no reply from Tyson yet.
  • We’ve contacted the creators and are discussing this matter about RTV’s release.
  • We have lots of new in this post!

Thats all for Now!


PS: We’re getting close to 11,000 hits. Keep on hittin us (just no violence though xD).

Here at Poptropica, people are getting Love Sick! It’s the new Mechanical Flu! Witches are brewing Love Potions to make profits, which turns into lovey-dovey Poptropicans BUYING BIG HEARTED–the new store item that’s a big heart! YUCK!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

avatar image

The one and only Dr. Hare

Oh, only time will tell when the Love Sickness will end! But for now, there’s ways to prevent it!

  1. Stay away from the Store.

Poptopricans have been found drifting away with hearts and chocolates and flowers and yuck.

2.  Don’t believe in the love!

Dr Hare and his furry litte pink behind must be trying to get something to emphasise his “evil.” If you believe it, you’ll never see it–Or anything at all, for that matter.  Hearts have been following those that have been believin’ the love!

And that concludes our Healthy Tips with Hyper Star! Stay safe from the love!–What? New perfume?! OK! *spraying sounds* OMG LOVE POTION!!! AAAH!

Narrator: And as HS runs away, while being followed by a giant heart, and a witch… And Dr. Hare… There is a new contest she is unaware of… Check out the post above for details!

Judging will start immediately!

Hi everyone,Mets here,with good news 😀 . We’ve made it. 10,000 Hits. This is big. Which means we need a big contest. Technically,we have two you can enter. The first is a costume contest. Submit a costume you think really cool. No leaked hand items or store items. The prize is an account with leaked dog items and a beard! The next one is a random drawing. Two people will win in this category. Here is what a submission is supposed to look like:

AvatarStudio Link:

Its that simple! We wanna be wowed with the costumes you guys choose,and we may throw in a few credits here and there.

Judges: Metsfan21,Abram,Hyper Star and two others.

– The PIB Staff

UPDATE: The rules have changed. It is required you did not Spam The PIB. Sorry Guys,but this is your punishment. Same goes for hackers. Their submissions will be deleted. Sorry,but people who follow the rules deserve to be in this contest. People who don’t follow the rules will not be eligible.

I’d also like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy Chinese New Year. Also,Wiglington and Wenks is a new up and coming virtual world. When you’re not blogging or playing Poptropica,I’d recommend playing Wiglington and Wenks.


Watch for Metsfan21 on Wiglington and Wenks

Here are the links to the prizes: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bRVpva2FHY0c5d2FXNW1iMk52Ym5SbGMzUXk%3D



Hello this is Abram Newsguy on the streets of Poptropica with breaking news! Suddenly random outbursts of Poptropican have turned to solid gold. Robbers have began stealing the Gold Poptropican. All cops are out on the watch for people carrying solid gold Poptropicans, a little hard to miss. Well back to you Abram!

Hello, there this is Abram here and there has been a new PCB post.

Get the Midas Touch!

avatar imageShark Boy

Yep so apparently the Creators have come up with a new item for their membership granted people, while us regular non-membership people have to buy it with the lousy credits we have to earn by working. Ugg working, who like to work. Yo so this seems to be a pretty weird useless item. It just like most cool stuff items cost 25o credit. When using this item you can turn yourself and others into a gold. Weird, I wonder how that works, can you use it during the game? Probably not. Idk, strange item. Oh well, in other news PopNews! has been delayed for technical difficulties. Stay tuned! And also for our personal connection I turned 13 last week, Groundhog Day reveled 6 more weeks of winter and the Saints upset and shocked the Colts winning the Super Bowl. Well that it bye!

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