Yet again, another new Creators post… They’re really excited about this new island, aren’t they? If only they’d stop giving us hints and release the island… Ah, but we can only dream… And have you noticed the awesome new header? So… Colorful… Anyways… TO THE POST!!! *superhero music plays*

Friday, January 29, 2010


Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don’t think the mime is going to win this one.

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The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 1:02 PM
Who do you think will win? If I were playing, I’d be rooting for myself. 😛  This looks like an activity for RTV, don’t you agree? If you look closely… Oh look! There’s our RTV friends, the Sunglasses Diva Popstar Girl person, and that cowgirl! RTV is written all over it, huh? *elbows lightly*
Well, since that’s all there is, I’m gonna gallop on outta here! YEE HAW!!! *climbs onto horse and rides away into sunse-CRASH!* I forgot this is a blog…. Not the West… *faints* 😛