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Yet again another update

Shark Boy posted some more information about memberships in this post:

More on Membership

We will be adding membership to Poptropica really soon! Membership will let you use ALL Costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store for the duration of your membership. And yes, members also get exclusive EARLY ISLAND ACCESS to play our newest islands weeks before the rest of the world!! This is key, since we are planning on releasing some pretty sweet islands this year!

Remember, even if you don’t have credits or membership, the Poptropica Islands are always 100% FREE for all to play!

avatar image Shark Boy

Well at least the game will still remain free. So with all this new info will you be getting one? And also as you see, they mention that they will be releasing some sweet islands this year. So what is in store? Possibly RTV Island and Mythology Island but what else?


Hi there, Abram again. The Creator’s have updates their post to show the prices of these memberships.









More Membership Details:

  • Members are free to use all costumes and gold cards in the Poptropica Store during membership. Items do not remain in your Store Items view without membership. Items purchased with credits outside of membership stay in your account forever

Yep so still I’m not buying it. What about you?

NNNNNOOOOO!!!! Not memberships! Yes sadly this is correct Poptropica will soon have memberships. The post is titled Poptropica Memberships! and is Vlad the Viking’s work. This terrible! This is SSSCCC

: Post interrupted:

Hello there, this Abram Newsguy and I have some breaking news concerning this blog. We now have memberships! That’s right, memberships. For only $20 a week you will be able to read this entire post! Without the membership you will only be able to read a small portion of all posts, but with it you will be able to read the entire thing and comment! So beg your parents for 20 dollars right now and be able to read the rest of this post goodbye.

: Post screen goes blank for all you non-members!

See how terrible that was? You either had to spend $20 on something that would give you the benefits, that you had earlier for free. Though thankfully, the Poptropica membership isn’t all that bad. With the membership you can get early island access, unlimited costumes from the store,and all the gold cards in the store. This membership is much better than Club Penguin’s though. With CP’s you can’t do anything without a membership, at least hopefully with Poptropica you will be able to continue what you were doing before for free. But still this could signal upcoming doom, could the entire game become something you would have to pay for. So are you guys getting a membership? I’m certainly not.

In other news we now have 9,000 Hits!!!! Nice work PIB! And I have finally beat Counterfeit Island.  It took me a while because for several days I didn’t play it. And also in a Real World Connection, the Super Bowl is coming up! Colts vs Saints. I’m pulling for the Colts, what about you? Answer in the comments below! Well that’s it! Bye!

-Abram Signing Off