Hi Guys,today I wanna give you facts on Poptropica let you know about the New island. The Island’s name is confirmed as Mythology Island. The image title says it all. It should be coming out soon. Here is the PCB post:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Characters, New Island!

Can you guess what this new island will be about?
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Hmmmm…Seems odd…Hades..god of the underworld..and..a knight..(Man,I’ve gotta stop using the dots xD) . The Plot is unveiling. Perhaps you go into a world of gods where mortals are hated…you’ll notice Hades’ comment here:  *gag* mortals. Maybe one of the gods is kidnapped. Also,the contest is closed due to inactivity,but we will start it up again once more people are aware of it. Oh yeah,I kinda did a Mix on the image. I call it Myth Madness
You likey? Also,we’ll be adding polls soon,as well as some more pages. Keep in mind,there will be major changes in the next couple Days. We also hope to get one new member. If you ask,there’s a good chance you won’t get on here. PopNews! may be delayed. Lets just say the articles aren’t going good. 😉 See Ya Soon (No I’m won’t,I’m not a Stalker xD..oh you know what I mean..this is pointless here..)