UPDATE:The Question of the Day now has it own page. To check it out go to Fun Stuff and click on the link. Dynaboa and I have worked hard to make a New Header,so it should be updating any second now 😀

UPDATE: We now have a Chatango Chat and Xat Chat (Xat can befound on the about page). The URL is http://st.chatango.com/flash/group.swf?ref=poptropicaninfoblog.chatango.com&gn=poptropicaninfoblog.st.chatango.com

Thanks to Seph for discovering how to use Chatango with no ads.

Hi Guys,its Mets here. Right now,your probably wondering what the title means,right? The signifigance of the title will be mentioned later in the post. Anyways,new post on The PCB! The title is Getting Boar-ed?

Clearly,the boar is some obstacle that tries to bash into you,breaking the jar that’s…ABOVE YOUR HEAD. Exactly what happens if it Cracks on your head? I have no clue why the creators want kids to have their heads smashed with a glass jar… If you look closely,you’ll see how closely related to Shark Tooth. Who knows? Maybe RTV is a sequel to Shark Tooth? Maybe thats a challenge Hippie Man tells ya to do on RTV. If you think this is unfair to poptropicans,riot against Hippie Man. He lives at http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bTU56QTFBZEdobGMzVmpZMlZ6Y3pNPQ%3D%3D 😀

Note: The poptropican was made by Seph (who left The PHF ;(  ) and not the creators.

Now for the meaning of the title. It means we’re gonna have our very own, “What Happened to my Face” Contest. The prize is…a Poptropica Account with a Beard! Three Winners will be chosen. You submit yourself into the drawing by.. Showing us the Coolest Poptropican Ever…MINE!!! I’m just Kidding. You have to submit your poptropican to be judged by us. The Judges are…

  • Me
  • Abram
  • Trusty Hawk
  • White Star
  • A Mystery Judge

So get ready to say, ” What Happened to mah Face?”

Signing off…