Metsfan21: We will be down for the next couple of days,until New Year’s Eve and Day. However,we will be down January 2nd and maybe the third. We apologize for any inconvience,but we’ll come back with more pages and a new member possibly. We’ll also be tying up some loose ends here. We are now under maintenence. Things will start dissapearing here,or appearing. We also have a New Domain Name. It’ll be in use once the maintenence is done as well. For now,we are willing to sponser Blogs. We will add them to our Blogroll,and mention them in posts. In return,you should do the same for us. Submit some Blogs below,and we’ll comment there notifying you we have sponsored you.

Hi Abram here again with another Question of the Day! Graham answered the last question correctly saying that the creator of this blog is Metsfan21. Congratz Graham! You earn 1 point. Also I’ve added another rule, You cannot answer 4 questions straight in a row. So in the max you can answer 3 questions then wait a question for someone to answer then you may answer again. So in other words Graham you may answer this question but then wait for someone else to answer the next question, then may start answering again. Okay as for the question, again it is in the category Blog History “Who was the first person to be hired to work on this blog?” Well that’s all good luck!