UPDATE: (Metsfan21) I’ll be posting some pictures of Counterfeit once I get either early access or a Hack. Anyway,The Contest will be held shortly after the release of Counterfeit Island. There will actually be two contests. They both have the same (mystery) prizes. The first Contest has 1 winner. The next has 4 winners. I can give you a Clue:


You gotta unscramble the words to get a slight clue to what this contest may have. No Spoiling and Have Fun! (Don’t forget to read Abram’s Update Below).

Hey guys! It’s Abram here bringing you the latest new on Counterfeit Island. The Creator’s have made a new post saying that now Counterfeit Island is available if you buy an Early Access ticket for 500 credits. And if you finish the island in the early access period you will gain 200 free credits. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it because your spending 500 credits to gain 200 credits, so either way you look at it you lose 300 credits. But anyway it doesn’t matter to me, because I don’t have 500 credits to blow. I think I only have 75, so if anyone wants to make any donations 🙂 Also the post gives you a little description of the island saying “Can you foil the thief who is out steal some of the world’s most famous artwork? Be among the first to explore and solve the mystery plaguing Counterfeit Island!”-Dr.Hare

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Sounds interesting to me. The post goes on to say that the island will be released to the public in Jan. 2010 so sounds like I’ll have to wait till then. Also the post says “For those of you expecting Reality TV Island…Sty tuned” So that means that RTV Island isn’t gone! It still has a chance, so cool. The PCB post was pretty much the same as the e-mail alert me and several other people got. I was rather surprised to see an e-mail in my inbox form Poptropica. And also you can now sign up for the next island release alert. I have. Also if you look at the Poptropica map they have added Counterfeit to it.  it shows a big house, maybe a mansion or maybe the cottage before. It also shows beside the island the boat, the Ribica. Above the island it shows launches 1/4/10 Buy Early Access and Play Now! That mean we have a definite date, Jan. 4, 1210! The bad thing is that when the island’s opens is when I have to go back to school from Winter Break 😦 Oh well. Atleast it’s coming out soon. At the bottom of the map it reads “Win Counterfeit Island during early access and receive 100 200 credits!”  

So here’s my question to you guys:  Are you going to buy an early access pass? Answer in the comments below. Well that’s all bye!