IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The PIB will be having a Contest soon. Details will be revealed in January of 2010. The prizes are BIG,and there will only be 5 winners. We also have heard that progress has been faster than excpected by the Creators. So,another possibility is it will be released Christmas Eve.

Hi Guys,its  me,with some pretty big News. Comical Eye of The PHF found some of the Links to Counterfeit Island. This reveals MUCH about the plot.  If you wanna see them,follow this link.

Now,onto The PCB. They made an announcement,anyone to complete Counterfeit in The Early Access Period recieves an extra 100 Credits for completing it. Counterfeit comes out in the Middle of January,we know this thanks to a Secret Source. Around January 16th. Also,Poptropica has changed their Youtube account. It used to be Vlad the Viking’s,but now it says “Poptropica Creators. Could this mean Vlad…QUIT!?!?!?!?!?! ;(  Anyway,they posted a Video on their new Account Already. It shows a Sneak Peek at Counterfeit. I’ll post it later,because my computer is acting up. I’m gonna start making Comics. I may be spendng less time here though. However,I am making a New Blog where I display Graphix and people can request them. The site will remain secret,until mid-January.

Bye For Now,


*It may not come out in January though,but,it probably will 😉