Since the holidays are drawing closer, the Creators have given us the second item from the store that’s FREE! We are now able to get a nifty little candy cane hand-held item, and for those who are able and willing to spend 75 credits, they’ve added a Candy Cane costume as well! The Candy Cane item has a special affect that when you hit spacebar, you toss the candy cane in the air. The coustme on the other hand has no special effect. Shark Boy has made a post to announce these additions:

Get your CANE on!
To make the Poptropica holiday season a little more festive, we are giving out FREE candy canes in our store! You can also impress (or scare) your friends with the Crazy Candy Cane Costume. Happy Holidays!

Note how at the end he says “Happy Holidays”.  Could this be the last Creators’ Blog post for the month?  I certainly hope not.