UPDATE (Metsfan21): The PIB will be having a Contest soon…after New Year’s Eve. However,the site will be down for a Short period of time after. This only means the Contest is approaching.  Be ready for it,there will only be five winners. I wish I could tell you more,but that wouldn’t be fun,would it? ^_^

Second Update: Pleas take some time to visit a Cool Site Called The Poptropica Project. It has recently changed URLs,so here is the new one: http://thetpp2.wordpress.com/ It looks really Cool!!

To ring in the approach of winter, the Creators have released a new Snowman outfit and a Snow Fall effect. The Snowman is 75 credits, has no special action, and looks like your basic, run-of-the-mill, carrot-nosed, top-hat-and-scarf-wearing snow guy. The Snow Fall action, on the other hand, costs 250 credits and creates a beautiful scene wherever you are to look like it’s snowing. It appears that this would be especially useful for creating lovely screenshots or videos. Speaking of snow, we too have added a lovely snow fall to our header. *sighs* So peaceful…
The Creators have supplemented their new additions to the store with a post by Shark Boy, titled: “Let it snow!” It reads: “We’ve added some festive stuff to our Poptropica Store. Check it out!”

Signing off for now,

BTW thanks to Graham for telling us about this post