Hi Guys,Mets here. The Blog will go under some construction. Maybe some firing due to lack of posting. Maybe. Anyway,there is a New PCB post. Here is a pic:


The name of the Picture is “Getaway”. Perhaps this means we will be chasing Master Mime,and this is his Getaway Spot. Here is one Theory For Counterfeit:

Master Mime is an evil mime who steals things and leaves mimics in their place. Well,now you have to try to stop him!! 

The Last PCB post supports it. Maybe he’s an art Theif? 


Anyways,I g2g. I am supposed to be doing Homework now,but I’m 0n less,which is why I’m here now. We may hire someone new..or should I say old 😉 I may release two people as well (stated before with the Firings).