December 2009

Comic Kid had made a new post on the PCB. It reads:
Back to Reality
Well after much vacationing, I have again returned to Reality TV Island. I heard the local grocery store had some good donuts, I just don’t know which kind to get.”

I’m glad that we have more evidence that RTV is coming out! There’s also a new poll on the PCB asking what your favorite game is. Head on over and cast your vote!

TH signing off

Abram: Hey guys Abram here to add some info. Looks like Reality TV Island is still alive! And donuts! Never can go wrong with donuts. Personally I say if you can’t pick one, just get them all! I think the one on top looks good, but so does the chocolate one. Umm, donuts :starts drooling: Huh, what’s going on. Oh yeah, the post! Ok where was I, something about donuts. Yeah glazed one’s are the best. Oh yeah the Potropica part. Well, so we now know that RTV has a grocery store, a TV store, a hotel, and some type of jungle. And also as for the poll, my favorite game is Sky Dive. Well that’s all.

Now it’s Abram signing off.


Metsfan21: We will be down for the next couple of days,until New Year’s Eve and Day. However,we will be down January 2nd and maybe the third. We apologize for any inconvience,but we’ll come back with more pages and a new member possibly. We’ll also be tying up some loose ends here. We are now under maintenence. Things will start dissapearing here,or appearing. We also have a New Domain Name. It’ll be in use once the maintenence is done as well. For now,we are willing to sponser Blogs. We will add them to our Blogroll,and mention them in posts. In return,you should do the same for us. Submit some Blogs below,and we’ll comment there notifying you we have sponsored you.

Hi Abram here again with another Question of the Day! Graham answered the last question correctly saying that the creator of this blog is Metsfan21. Congratz Graham! You earn 1 point. Also I’ve added another rule, You cannot answer 4 questions straight in a row. So in the max you can answer 3 questions then wait a question for someone to answer then you may answer again. So in other words Graham you may answer this question but then wait for someone else to answer the next question, then may start answering again. Okay as for the question, again it is in the category Blog History “Who was the first person to be hired to work on this blog?” Well that’s all good luck!



Hey, Abram here again. I know, my second post today, I’m on a roll. Graham answered my question, correctly naming all staff members that have worked here. Metsfan21, Abram(me), Trusty Hawk, Icy Ice, and then our former members Speedy Fly, Popular Thunder, and Marronfire23. Congratz Graham! That gives him 3 points and the first person to score. Here is the scoreboard:


So as for the next question, here it is and again it is about the history of this blog, “Who created the Poptropica Info blog(this blog)?” Good luck!

PS. This question is only worth 1 point

Hi Abram here. I know I haven’t done this in awhile but I’m doing it now. Welcome to the Question of the Day! The Question of the Day is where I ask a question and you the viewers answer in the comments below. The first person to answer correctly first gets a point. Today’s question will be the first of a category of questions dealing with the history of this blog. So here it is “Who all  has worked here at the blog, both past and current?’ This is a rather hard question, so it’s worth a total of 3 points *Note Staff members cannot answer because that’s not fair. Also because it’s hard i’ll give you a hint. There has been a total of 7(seven) staff members that have worked here. Also another hint is that a link that holds the answer is within the post below. Well that’s all, good luck!

The Random Drawing is done!!! The Winner is Graham. Congratz Graham. We’ll be having 2 other ways for you to get beards,and 4 more winners will be chosen in total. The Next Contest takes place after New Year’s Eve. It’s a Mystery Contest,so be prepared. Staff Members have been working on this Contest for a Long Time. In other news…

Merry Christmas

So,what’d you get for Christmas? I got a Brand New HD TV. That’s all for this Update,but please read the full post below. Signing Off,


Attention: Submissions are over,the drawing will begin Christmas Day. The Winner will be announced here first. Then it will reach The PHF Chat,and Lastly The PHF. Here is a list of people who entered:
Bronze Moon
Fearless Hero
Hyper Star

Many entered..but only 1 will win. (You May not think its a lot,but it was a One-Day Notice,so this is a lot of people. We also have a Dinky Page. You can find it here:
Hi Everyone,its Mets. First I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I made this for ya:

Pretty Good,huh? Our next order of business is our contest(s). The Prize is an account with..BEARDS!!! We will have a Random Drawing on Christmas day for the 1st account. Then,we will have a different “More Special” Contest. Only one person will win that contest too. The other 3 will be in the last Contest. The Account given out on Christmas is made to look like Santa. If you wanna be in the Random Drawing for the Santa Account,comment below (Yes,he comes with a Beard). I’m gonna update this post with some Sneak Peeks of Counterfeit. Also,the GateKeeper ain’t a character 😉 .

UPDATE: Here is a Sneak Peek Image of Counterfeit:

Thats all. Happy Holidays once more 😉 !

And Abram here to personally wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: (Metsfan21) I’ll be posting some pictures of Counterfeit once I get either early access or a Hack. Anyway,The Contest will be held shortly after the release of Counterfeit Island. There will actually be two contests. They both have the same (mystery) prizes. The first Contest has 1 winner. The next has 4 winners. I can give you a Clue:


You gotta unscramble the words to get a slight clue to what this contest may have. No Spoiling and Have Fun! (Don’t forget to read Abram’s Update Below).

Hey guys! It’s Abram here bringing you the latest new on Counterfeit Island. The Creator’s have made a new post saying that now Counterfeit Island is available if you buy an Early Access ticket for 500 credits. And if you finish the island in the early access period you will gain 200 free credits. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it because your spending 500 credits to gain 200 credits, so either way you look at it you lose 300 credits. But anyway it doesn’t matter to me, because I don’t have 500 credits to blow. I think I only have 75, so if anyone wants to make any donations 🙂 Also the post gives you a little description of the island saying “Can you foil the thief who is out steal some of the world’s most famous artwork? Be among the first to explore and solve the mystery plaguing Counterfeit Island!”-Dr.Hare

avatar image
Sounds interesting to me. The post goes on to say that the island will be released to the public in Jan. 2010 so sounds like I’ll have to wait till then. Also the post says “For those of you expecting Reality TV Island…Sty tuned” So that means that RTV Island isn’t gone! It still has a chance, so cool. The PCB post was pretty much the same as the e-mail alert me and several other people got. I was rather surprised to see an e-mail in my inbox form Poptropica. And also you can now sign up for the next island release alert. I have. Also if you look at the Poptropica map they have added Counterfeit to it.  it shows a big house, maybe a mansion or maybe the cottage before. It also shows beside the island the boat, the Ribica. Above the island it shows launches 1/4/10 Buy Early Access and Play Now! That mean we have a definite date, Jan. 4, 1210! The bad thing is that when the island’s opens is when I have to go back to school from Winter Break 😦 Oh well. Atleast it’s coming out soon. At the bottom of the map it reads “Win Counterfeit Island during early access and receive 100 200 credits!”  

So here’s my question to you guys:  Are you going to buy an early access pass? Answer in the comments below. Well that’s all bye!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The PIB will be having a Contest soon. Details will be revealed in January of 2010. The prizes are BIG,and there will only be 5 winners. We also have heard that progress has been faster than excpected by the Creators. So,another possibility is it will be released Christmas Eve.

Hi Guys,its  me,with some pretty big News. Comical Eye of The PHF found some of the Links to Counterfeit Island. This reveals MUCH about the plot.  If you wanna see them,follow this link.

Now,onto The PCB. They made an announcement,anyone to complete Counterfeit in The Early Access Period recieves an extra 100 Credits for completing it. Counterfeit comes out in the Middle of January,we know this thanks to a Secret Source. Around January 16th. Also,Poptropica has changed their Youtube account. It used to be Vlad the Viking’s,but now it says “Poptropica Creators. Could this mean Vlad…QUIT!?!?!?!?!?! ;(  Anyway,they posted a Video on their new Account Already. It shows a Sneak Peek at Counterfeit. I’ll post it later,because my computer is acting up. I’m gonna start making Comics. I may be spendng less time here though. However,I am making a New Blog where I display Graphix and people can request them. The site will remain secret,until mid-January.

Bye For Now,


*It may not come out in January though,but,it probably will 😉

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