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Hi Guys,its Mets. First of all,I’m not gonna be on The PIB a lot for this Month. So,while I’m gone Abram will run the blog. When I come back,I’ll start adding some really cool and new pages. Next,I’d like to announce that we have a new Forum! We changed formats because this one is MUCH easier to use. Here is the link to our new Forum:

Sorry I have to leave for December. Maybe I can come on after School,but I have to leave for now.


Abram:Hey, Abram here. On my game show, BING! we have a new champion! Reigning champion, Hyperstarr faced off against MaroonFire and Cheerfulpeanut. The final score was Cheerful-5, Hyper-2, and Maroon-0. Congratz Cheerful, you are our new champion!!!! Also, if you have any suggestions and/or comments on our blog, please e-mail us at That is all.

Update: I was surfin da Web,and I searched our blog on Bing (not Abram’s show xD) and rated us the 31st best Education site ! Rock On PIB members. Best of all,it was last updated when we had 3000 Hits! Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

This is Big News! According to,we are (technically) the Best Poptropica Blog Out There! No Poptropica Blog is ahead of us. Not even The PCB or PHB. For more info on This accomplishment Blog,please visit