Post Updated

Hi Guys,its Mets here. First off,I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. The Creators have been more active lately,as some of us already noticed. Anyways,there are two New Ads On Poptropica. One is for Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. Here is a screenshot of when you first walk in:

Yes,I got my poptropican ready for Christmas. The items are from the Phineas and Ferb ad,which I’ll get to later. Back to The Night at the Museum Ad. These Crazy people want you to reassemble a Dinosaur!!! I’m not in a mood to get eaten by a Tyranosaurus Rex…First though,you have to find the bones in 60 seconds. Took me three tries to get this one! But anyway,I still got the Reward… A security guard suit!!

Once you finish that,you can start the Phineas and Ferb Ad. You have to sort the Items in order by Country for Santa. This one is easier. I personally like The Phineas and Ferb Ad better because it has better prizes xD. Once you’re done with the Phineas and Ferb Ad, You get to take a ride on Santa’s Sleigh WHENEVER you want. Here is the Sleigh:

You also get a really cool outfit as well. Here is the Costume:

Abram: Hey guys. I’m here with a quick update. I am now the host of my very own game show, BING!!!!!. You can become a contestant on BING! by going to the PHF Chat when I am on and saying I wanna play. You get points by answering the question correctly first. To answer a question you have to be the first person to say BING!. Then you may answer. The first person to get to 5 points wins. So far one episode of BING! has been played. The contestants were Codien, Hyperstarr, and MonkeyTacos. Hyperstarr and Codien tied, becoming the first ever winners of BING! Congrtaz guys. That’s all.