Hey guys Abram here. I’m here to bring you news about Poptropica and some news about the blog. First of all MaroonFire has been suspended for a week and won’t be posting for 6 posts for hogging posts. And now for the Poptropica news. There was a new post on the Creator’s blog posted by Binary Bard  which suggests the storyline.

This post was titled Now this is what I call art! In the pic it shows Binary Bard standing beside the painting The Scream. The Scream was painted by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in 1893. This leads me to this prediction of the story line to Counterfeit Island. You travel to France where there is are a huge collection of art and music. The villain, probably Master Mime is a counterfeit thief who steals the real painting and replaces it with a fake, or a counterfeit painting. Someone finds out about the fake and figures out it was Master Mime. You then ask how can I help?, and you end up with the job of  chasing down the thief, where you chase him through grape orchards and on  scotters and all that fun stuff. Well that’s it, I’m  out of school for 5 days because of Thanksgiving break. I can’t wait to dig in to some turkey! 🙂 Also if you want to hear about a little history of Thanksgiving and what all I’m doing for thanksgiving check out my blog http://abramsrandomblog.wordpress.com/ tommarow(Thanksgiving Day, Thursday). It’s not up yet because I haven’t even started, so if you look at it now it won’t be there. Well that’s all. Bye