MaroonFire23 here again with some more updates in Poptropica! The creators have put up a new ad and well the title says it all – There’s a new Santa Buddies Ad based on a All-New Christmas Movie by Walt Disney coming out on Blu-ray on November 24th. This ad is for all children 13 and younger and you can find this ad on nearly all the islands on their main street. To start the adventure, you’ll have to fist go inside the advertisement building. Go to the bottom right side of the floor to be briefed by information and start the expedition by the white dog named Santa Paws about what to do and where to start. To accomplish this quest, all you have to do is find all the 5 missing dogs and get back to the sleigh before time runs out and you only have about 1 minute to do all of that.

If you need help, here’s where you can find them. Over more to the right, you can go outside the building into a snowy area where you can find two dogs plus another one by the exit to outside into the snow. You can also find Two others inside. One around the Top left and one around the Top-mid left. After you found all 5 dogs, jump to the way top where you can finally ride the sleigh. If you do not see any dogs along your quests or noticed that your not being timed, it’s either that the quest hasn’t started yet or that you gotta remember to ask the dog ”I’m on it!” when asking for information.

After winning the Adventure or Advertisement, you’ll receive two prizes. A Santa Buddies Reindog Outfit and Santa Buddies Special Paw-wer: Present Burst which allows you to have a effect on making present bursts out of no where and then fades away as shown in the picture above.

That’s all for now so I guess…
See you later! MF,

UPDATE Metsfan21 : Hi Guys,Mets here. Or is it? *eye twitch* Anyway,there is a new post on the PCB. But that isn’t the big news…..its who its made by. It was posted by…Master Mime. Chances are he’ll be the main villan of Counterfeit Island. Also,Motion has leaked some of the characters again. I was able to get one and edit it. Here is the pic:

Header-68.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

Its small because it may go on a future page on Costumes. Anyway,I just realized I didn’t show the PCB post.

Scooter Chase

You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

We get to ride scooters on Poptropica?!?!?!? COOL! Anyway,here is Master Mime’s PCB avatar:
avatar image
I would try to get a full-view picture of him,but his username is a mystery. Hopefully Seph of The PHF will find it,he is the record keeper of Creator’s Usernames. Well,this is Mets, signing off.