Hey guys! MaroonFire23 here posting and at it again. As I was roaming around Poptropica…Or at least the one-click Icon store on the menu bar, I’ve discovered that the creators has Two new Outfits in Poptropica. One called the “Tiger Shark” (Which relates to the Shark Boy costume except in a Golden colored and Tiger Version of It) and when pressing the spacebar, the fish in your hand goes up and does a flip. The other on the hand is for the girls – Which is the “Swan Ballerina“. Basically when clicking the spacebar, it does nothing which makes no sense at all but the costume also comes in Three Colors: Soft Pink, Yellow Orange, and Light Blue which seems to fit the theme right. So simply that means both costumes have the likes and the dislikes but hey, it’s not like you can think up new stuff so often to think out and to create. Hopefully, there will be more soon but if you want to see how it looks like, You can see it here:

Pretty Cool huh?

That’s all for now so I guess…
See ya, MF