Hi Guys,its Mets here. Before I talk about the New PCB post,I’d like to make two announcements. The first one is sad,but here it is: Adammos/Popular Thunder is off The PIB once again…. We didn’t fire him and he didn’t quit. He was banned from his computer by his parents. He will be added if he returns. He said he may return in one week,or never. We all hope he comes back. Next I’d like to talk about our SocialVibe. We are helping The World Wildlife Fund save animals. By doing activities,you raise points. SocialVibe later converts the points to money and gives it to Charity. Next,I’d like to announce the new Sneak Peek on The PIB. It has some characters from Counterfeit Island. We can infer It will come out really soon. Anyway,here are the upcoming characters. (I edited this pick to have flames). Photobucket

Note: The character’s names are guesses. Also,Thanks to Incredible Fish of The PHF, he has discovered a secret from the last sneak peek of Counterfeit Island. Look at the Name of the boat.

Its called The Ribica. It is a Croatoan dish and is Russian for Fish (Credit to Graham and Abram for finding out the Croatoan Dish Part) Signing off this post,


Abram:Hi guys, Abram here. I wanted to give my own 2 cents on this topic. Could it be that French Island is actually Counterfeit Island? What do you guys thing about that? Is it just me or does that Girl Scout/possibly store clerk/possibly a girl going to a French college look very French, for instance her beret.  What do you guys think? Oh, oh Idea! Idea! This just popped into my head,what if the story line of this island is that you have to chase down a counterfeit thief all over the world, such as FRANCE and RUSSIA.

Well Abram signing off, see ya.