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Hi guys Abram here, and Metsfan21, Maroonfire23, and Popular Thunder. That’s right, Popular Thunder is back on this blog! The Four of us will be team posting today. Each of us with a different subject, me on Poptropica, Metsfan21 on the blog, Maroonfire23 with some cool links, and PT back on the staff.

Abram: I’ll start it off here.  A new post on the PCB suggests that a new island will be coming out. Here’s the pic:

It pretty much states that the island Comic Kid is on, where the boat in this picture and the Jazz Cafe seen in this one

are on a island called Counterfeit Island.  In the post it says how after Comic Kid left the cafe he heard the locals calling it Counterfeit Island. Comic Kid  then wonders why they call it that and says he will have to do some more exploring to find out. Many ideas have spread out about what it may be about.  PIB viewer, Graham says maybe it’s a virtual reality things where your Poptropican goes into a virtual world. He also thinks that maybe your job on the island is to chase a thief, who uses counterfeit money or other things and you have to catch him. I think that maybe it’s about everyone in the town is a fake, and you have to turn the people back to their real selfs.  Of course these are only thoughts and are probably not right.  In other news, we have changed our header. It’s a Thanksgiving themed one made by Metsfan21. It features the pilgrim and pig from Early Poptropica. After Thanksgiving we will put Icy Ice’s header back up. That’s all from me. Oh yeah when you get the time check out my blog Bye Update: Graham has done some research on the name of the boat in the pic, Ribica and found out Ribica is the name of a seafood grill in Croatia. Could this mean were going to to Croatia? (Never thought I would I say that)

MaroonFire23: I don’t mean to barge in but this post was actually with just 3 people but making it 4 would be good enough if we can make the most of the staff post together. Anyways, back to my updates. Not much to say but here’s what I found. Here’s a secret link recently discovered on Poptropica (Click here)…Yeah it asks for Username and Password for Access but wonder what it could be (Credit to Coderkid on PHF). Next Motion AKA Coderkid has recently made a new invention (Which I don’t want make Mets upset since it was HIS idea in the first place which he called it the CCP) but yeah this device is called the iCostume in which you can submit your costume, rate others, or keep and wears theres too! You can submit Here (which is the only way unless you don’t have a PHF account) and you can visit the iCostume here

Popular Thunder:Hello, My name is Popular Thunder. I’m from the old PIB. I was on PIB when it had 1000 hits, sweet memories… 😦  Then I quit because I didn’t have time for the PIB and I got into a bit of and argument with Metsfan21 or fan21. xD Just kidding. Now I’m back on the PIB and I’m more than ever ready to inform you on the latest of Poptropica.

Metsfan21: Hi Guys,its Mets. The site will be under so much construction,I have to close it for late Saturday and Probably most of Sunday. PT has been added back to the blog,so no more authors (unless someone is fired or quits,which I hope won’t happen). The site is currently Open still. It will be open until 5:00  PM EST. That’s all

Bye guys from Abram, and Metsfan21, Maroonfire23, and Popular Thunder!

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