Hey Everyone! Goldenbutterfly here otherwise known as GB. I haven’t posted for a long time so now would be the good time to post something. I’m here to bring you the special news about a new ad on the streets about the release of the Disney’s Pixar movie, Monsters Inc available on Blu-ray November 10th.


The quest is about you trying to save a child that entered the scare floor without being found by a C.D.A. agent. Each room you go to will have a room card to make you enter a new room is you can pass until you find the girl as so based on the movie. Basically simple and easy and even easier when you can use your jetpack to help anytime if you’re doing this on Early poptropica.


Well I hoped I help and I hope you find your way through the quest. That’s all I have to say.

See ya later,

UPDATE: (Metsfan21): They now have a new prize for the ad. It is a Boo Costume. Here it is:

Also,Codien has discovered the Creators are adding a new player ranking system,where you get to add stuff like favorite color and food. Also,Good News! Codien also discovered that……

RTV is Coming Out Soon!!!

Signing off,