November 2009

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Hi Guys,its Mets. First of all,I’m not gonna be on The PIB a lot for this Month. So,while I’m gone Abram will run the blog. When I come back,I’ll start adding some really cool and new pages. Next,I’d like to announce that we have a new Forum! We changed formats because this one is MUCH easier to use. Here is the link to our new Forum:

Sorry I have to leave for December. Maybe I can come on after School,but I have to leave for now.


Abram:Hey, Abram here. On my game show, BING! we have a new champion! Reigning champion, Hyperstarr faced off against MaroonFire and Cheerfulpeanut. The final score was Cheerful-5, Hyper-2, and Maroon-0. Congratz Cheerful, you are our new champion!!!! Also, if you have any suggestions and/or comments on our blog, please e-mail us at That is all.

Update: I was surfin da Web,and I searched our blog on Bing (not Abram’s show xD) and rated us the 31st best Education site ! Rock On PIB members. Best of all,it was last updated when we had 3000 Hits! Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

This is Big News! According to,we are (technically) the Best Poptropica Blog Out There! No Poptropica Blog is ahead of us. Not even The PCB or PHB. For more info on This accomplishment Blog,please visit


Post Updated

Hi Guys,its Mets here. First off,I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. The Creators have been more active lately,as some of us already noticed. Anyways,there are two New Ads On Poptropica. One is for Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. Here is a screenshot of when you first walk in:

Yes,I got my poptropican ready for Christmas. The items are from the Phineas and Ferb ad,which I’ll get to later. Back to The Night at the Museum Ad. These Crazy people want you to reassemble a Dinosaur!!! I’m not in a mood to get eaten by a Tyranosaurus Rex…First though,you have to find the bones in 60 seconds. Took me three tries to get this one! But anyway,I still got the Reward… A security guard suit!!

Once you finish that,you can start the Phineas and Ferb Ad. You have to sort the Items in order by Country for Santa. This one is easier. I personally like The Phineas and Ferb Ad better because it has better prizes xD. Once you’re done with the Phineas and Ferb Ad, You get to take a ride on Santa’s Sleigh WHENEVER you want. Here is the Sleigh:

You also get a really cool outfit as well. Here is the Costume:

Abram: Hey guys. I’m here with a quick update. I am now the host of my very own game show, BING!!!!!. You can become a contestant on BING! by going to the PHF Chat when I am on and saying I wanna play. You get points by answering the question correctly first. To answer a question you have to be the first person to say BING!. Then you may answer. The first person to get to 5 points wins. So far one episode of BING! has been played. The contestants were Codien, Hyperstarr, and MonkeyTacos. Hyperstarr and Codien tied, becoming the first ever winners of BING! Congrtaz guys. That’s all.

Hey guys Abram here. I’m here to bring you news about Poptropica and some news about the blog. First of all MaroonFire has been suspended for a week and won’t be posting for 6 posts for hogging posts. And now for the Poptropica news. There was a new post on the Creator’s blog posted by Binary Bard  which suggests the storyline.

This post was titled Now this is what I call art! In the pic it shows Binary Bard standing beside the painting The Scream. The Scream was painted by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in 1893. This leads me to this prediction of the story line to Counterfeit Island. You travel to France where there is are a huge collection of art and music. The villain, probably Master Mime is a counterfeit thief who steals the real painting and replaces it with a fake, or a counterfeit painting. Someone finds out about the fake and figures out it was Master Mime. You then ask how can I help?, and you end up with the job of  chasing down the thief, where you chase him through grape orchards and on  scotters and all that fun stuff. Well that’s it, I’m  out of school for 5 days because of Thanksgiving break. I can’t wait to dig in to some turkey! 🙂 Also if you want to hear about a little history of Thanksgiving and what all I’m doing for thanksgiving check out my blog tommarow(Thanksgiving Day, Thursday). It’s not up yet because I haven’t even started, so if you look at it now it won’t be there. Well that’s all. Bye

Hey Everyone! MF here again and I’m finally getting better at keeping up with posting…or at least finally Metsfan21 and Abram is starting to cut down. Well anyways, There’s a new post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog by Dr.Hare. Here’s a preview:

Monday, November 23, 2009
At The Station
You don’t want to be on the wrong side of those bars!

Something tells me due to all the clues the creators has posted and shared with us…This could be a story plot. My prediction for this is probably a thief that stole a painting (As shown on above picture) and left a fr a counterfeit or clues and you have to look for the thief with the painting. Pretty simple don’t you think? This could be the beginning of a new island but I wonder where did Reality Television Island go? People rumor that the creators thought it was too easy so I guess it could be the end unless the creators get back on it.

Not to much to say but in the meanwhile, I wanna share my own blog I made up a long time ago. You can find it by clicking here. You can keep up with my personal life and find out what’s going on it and all sorts of stuff. I’m sorta working on ti still by adding a few stuff but it’s so far I’ve got so remember to check it out sometime!

Signing this post out,
Maroonfire23 – PEACE!

MaroonFire23 here again with some more updates in Poptropica! The creators have put up a new ad and well the title says it all – There’s a new Santa Buddies Ad based on a All-New Christmas Movie by Walt Disney coming out on Blu-ray on November 24th. This ad is for all children 13 and younger and you can find this ad on nearly all the islands on their main street. To start the adventure, you’ll have to fist go inside the advertisement building. Go to the bottom right side of the floor to be briefed by information and start the expedition by the white dog named Santa Paws about what to do and where to start. To accomplish this quest, all you have to do is find all the 5 missing dogs and get back to the sleigh before time runs out and you only have about 1 minute to do all of that.

If you need help, here’s where you can find them. Over more to the right, you can go outside the building into a snowy area where you can find two dogs plus another one by the exit to outside into the snow. You can also find Two others inside. One around the Top left and one around the Top-mid left. After you found all 5 dogs, jump to the way top where you can finally ride the sleigh. If you do not see any dogs along your quests or noticed that your not being timed, it’s either that the quest hasn’t started yet or that you gotta remember to ask the dog ”I’m on it!” when asking for information.

After winning the Adventure or Advertisement, you’ll receive two prizes. A Santa Buddies Reindog Outfit and Santa Buddies Special Paw-wer: Present Burst which allows you to have a effect on making present bursts out of no where and then fades away as shown in the picture above.

That’s all for now so I guess…
See you later! MF,

UPDATE Metsfan21 : Hi Guys,Mets here. Or is it? *eye twitch* Anyway,there is a new post on the PCB. But that isn’t the big news…..its who its made by. It was posted by…Master Mime. Chances are he’ll be the main villan of Counterfeit Island. Also,Motion has leaked some of the characters again. I was able to get one and edit it. Here is the pic:

Header-68.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

Its small because it may go on a future page on Costumes. Anyway,I just realized I didn’t show the PCB post.

Scooter Chase

You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

We get to ride scooters on Poptropica?!?!?!? COOL! Anyway,here is Master Mime’s PCB avatar:
avatar image
I would try to get a full-view picture of him,but his username is a mystery. Hopefully Seph of The PHF will find it,he is the record keeper of Creator’s Usernames. Well,this is Mets, signing off.

Hey guys! MaroonFire23 here posting and at it again. As I was roaming around Poptropica…Or at least the one-click Icon store on the menu bar, I’ve discovered that the creators has Two new Outfits in Poptropica. One called the “Tiger Shark” (Which relates to the Shark Boy costume except in a Golden colored and Tiger Version of It) and when pressing the spacebar, the fish in your hand goes up and does a flip. The other on the hand is for the girls – Which is the “Swan Ballerina“. Basically when clicking the spacebar, it does nothing which makes no sense at all but the costume also comes in Three Colors: Soft Pink, Yellow Orange, and Light Blue which seems to fit the theme right. So simply that means both costumes have the likes and the dislikes but hey, it’s not like you can think up new stuff so often to think out and to create. Hopefully, there will be more soon but if you want to see how it looks like, You can see it here:

Pretty Cool huh?

That’s all for now so I guess…
See ya, MF

Hi Guys,its Mets here. Before I talk about the New PCB post,I’d like to make two announcements. The first one is sad,but here it is: Adammos/Popular Thunder is off The PIB once again…. We didn’t fire him and he didn’t quit. He was banned from his computer by his parents. He will be added if he returns. He said he may return in one week,or never. We all hope he comes back. Next I’d like to talk about our SocialVibe. We are helping The World Wildlife Fund save animals. By doing activities,you raise points. SocialVibe later converts the points to money and gives it to Charity. Next,I’d like to announce the new Sneak Peek on The PIB. It has some characters from Counterfeit Island. We can infer It will come out really soon. Anyway,here are the upcoming characters. (I edited this pick to have flames). Photobucket

Note: The character’s names are guesses. Also,Thanks to Incredible Fish of The PHF, he has discovered a secret from the last sneak peek of Counterfeit Island. Look at the Name of the boat.

Its called The Ribica. It is a Croatoan dish and is Russian for Fish (Credit to Graham and Abram for finding out the Croatoan Dish Part) Signing off this post,


Abram:Hi guys, Abram here. I wanted to give my own 2 cents on this topic. Could it be that French Island is actually Counterfeit Island? What do you guys thing about that? Is it just me or does that Girl Scout/possibly store clerk/possibly a girl going to a French college look very French, for instance her beret.  What do you guys think? Oh, oh Idea! Idea! This just popped into my head,what if the story line of this island is that you have to chase down a counterfeit thief all over the world, such as FRANCE and RUSSIA.

Well Abram signing off, see ya.

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