Hi guys! This is Metsfan21 posting. I am pleased to welcome Trusty Hawk to The PIB. Next, I’d like to post some stuff from the Multiverse Party I was hanging out in. Header-18.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

I edited it with Photobucket. I’d like to give a big welcome to Trusty Hawk, once again. You Rock!!!!!!!! Another quick update: PopNews! is almost done. Come back in Early November to see it! You can advertise your blog/site in PopNews! Those who want one, will have to wait until the Issue in December, but you can reserve a spot by commenting! Thats all for now.


Update: PT is back on the blog. That means we will not hire any more people for now. I did have one of you guys in mind, so I’ll keep an eye on you.