I have created a new Forum! Heres the link: http://poptropica.freeforums.org/ Staff will become Mods, along with others. Theres a new Ice Age 3 Ad! I can’t beat it, but hopefully this will help. Credit to Sneakyc of the PPB. Now, theres a ton of new stuff to the Poptropica Store. Here is some new cool stuff to the store: [sillystreams_followers.png] The Skull is one of the special Spooky Followers! Here are some new costumes to the store:

There are some new stuff I’d like to ask YOU the PIB viewers to do. Submit some stuff to the upcoming Newspaper, PopNews! The first 5 people to sumbit something to us will get an e-mail with the newspaper 3 days before its published! I’d also like to ask you to recommend paint programs to us. Both you can e-mail to us, at poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com Now, theres another new ad! Heres a pic:New Ad Now, I’m starting a Snaphot Saga! So Here goes: I was on Spy Island and went into the Hair Club for a Haircut. I saw the person who usually cut my hair. We chatted a little bit.Snapped!

Congrats Quick Shadow! You’ve been Snapped!

 Thats all for now! -Metsfan21