I wish I could’ve post earlier but everyone gets caught up in posting their discoveries first! I just hope you guys didn’t think I wasn’t being active on the blog that is…well I’m talking about the viewers that is. So anyways, back to the topic. So what’s these teleportation codes I’m talking about? Well rumor has it, there’s codes in which you can enter in the mutliverse code section where you can add these special codes and they can take you to past ads. Due to my vast research, I only found 3 so far…and oh do I wish to go far back to the first ad and win those special outfits. But we’ll just have to see. The good thing about these is…

1. You make up any past advertisement adventures you missed.
2. There is no age limitations!

Meaning…Whatever your age is between 6-15, you’ll always be able to go on them anytime and in anywhere.
Now here’s what I found so far:

CGR67 – TinkerBell Ad
CKH41 – Froot Loops Ad
CTU81 – Lego Racer Ad

I’m hoping I can find more soon but so far these are what I got. And if you had any common sense, the first one don’t work becuase well….Thats one already OUT! Yeah that got me there so anyways,

Signing out,
Maroonfire23. See ya!

Credit to Motionman95 for discovering this.