The next Halloween Bash Party is Today around 1:00 PM EST The code is CZK61
The Home Page is done with construction! Heres our first update: Haunted House is out! Many of you have already beaten it.Tree

The clock part was the hardest for me. Heres the pic from the PCB’s post,by Vlad the Viking. 

Heres the pic from Dr.Hare’s sneak peek:

Once you finish you will meet some new and old poptropicans, like

-The Mummy from Goosebumps
-The Scarecrow from Goosebumps
-The Mummy from last year’s Halloween Celebration
-2 witches
-A New Vampire (male and female)

Some of these were from the recent costume leaks in multiverse rooms. Lucky, I thought Motion did this! Also, monkeys (looking at one of you 🙂 ) have been seen roaming Poptropica! Heres a pic: Waterfall
Also, my school had a Pep Rally today, and I must say it was disapointing, The spirt shakers were made from garbage bags 😦 , and all they did was announce the names of people on the football team,but it got me out of Math and Science, so thats cool with me 🙂 !
Looks like thats all for now! Note:The blog is still under construction, but not the front page!