As of yesterday afternoon,there were many costume leaks in multiverse rooms. Sadly, I wasn’t there for it, but I was able to customize some. Here they are: The Ibop Crazy Starfish

Thanks for the Grim Reaper Costume, Cryptcoder

Also, Poptropica’s sponser Fact Monster, Has been spotted in many multiverses. I even met him. I believe he is a PHF chatango member in disguise. When I was on the PHF, the code was posted there and ONLY there. We can narrow it down to about 10 people. There was a strange person on (not Hijuyo’s) the PHF chat who went by the name, Personyoudon’tknow. Very Suspicious huh? Unless he’s a creator, we can assume its someone on the PHF chat. I had a little conversation with him/her.

Metsfan21: Who are you?
personyoudon’tknow: You don’t know of me.
personyoudon’tknow: But I know of you.

We asked a couple more questions, but he didn’t respond.

Also, my Question of the Month was What is the coldest object yet measured in the universe?
If nobody responds within 3 days, I’ll tell.
Thats all for now,