October 2009

Hi guys Abram here! Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile, but i’m back. And first I want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

taken from nisk.k12.ny.us

Now for my Question of the Day! Here it is: (and yes it is Halloween related) What were the first Jack-O-Lanterns made from?

Now a little history on Halloween.  Halloween dates back to the Celtic’s festival called Samhin. It marked the end of summer and the start of winter, which they associated with death and that on that day the boundary between the world of  the living and the world of the death became blurred and mixed. They thought this meant that the dead were coming back to the living world and wreak havoc. To commemorate the event they built huge bonfires and burned crops as sacrfices to the dieties. During this time they dressed up in costumes and told each others fortunes. Later when the Romans took over the Celtic’s territory, their two customs mixed and over the years evolved to our present holiday where people dress up and get candy and most of all get scared! BOO!!

Know that you know that let me tell you about the history of Halloween in Poptropica. This year Poptropica celebrated Halloween more than they ever had before, mainly with the introduction of the mini-quest Haunted House. Also they have introduced several costumes such as the Swamp Monster, werewolf, Frankenstein, Pumpkin Head, and I think the devil costume is pretty Halloweeny too. And also there’s the Follower’s Spook Pack in the cool stuff.

And know finally, I ask this question what are you guys going to be for Halloween in both real life and Poptropican and what are you going to do for halloween? My Poptropican in dressed in the Dr. Jeckell, Dr. Hyde costume., while in real life i’m not dressing up but instead am going to a festival like thing. Well that’s all. Bye! (Man this post is long)

Update: The first issue of PopNews has come out! Go to the page PopNews and read!


Hi guys, Metsfan21 here. Its about time I reveal something. What was that picture on Poptroportex page? Here it is: Photobucket

Happy Halloween! Also, the Creators have updated their blog with New Device Skins. Check it out:


I want that for my Ipod Touch. BADLY! Click Here to Check it out! What are you guys being for Halloween? I’m being a Grim Reaper with blood on its head in Real life. In Poptropica, I’m being a dude who likes to gab a lot. Here’s da link to my poptropican: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bSzhLYlQyYldWMGMyWmhiakl4

Alright guys, thats all for now. If you wanna know something really scary, come to my blog and check out a real life Haunted House. I have friends who’ve been in it or near it. Everyone said it was freaky.


UPDATE: I have made a new wallpaper for you guys. Here is a thumbnail picture of it:


The link to the real one is here: http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv57/PoptropicaInfoBlog/untitled-2.jpg

Don’t know how to make it your wallpaper? Easy!
1.Left click on the picture and click save (full picture,not Thumbnail)
2.Open up a paint window and click open
3.On FILE it says set as wallpaper (centered) Click it

It should now be your wallpaper! Signing off,
– Metsfan21

Hi, I’m Trusty Hawk! As you can see in the post below, I have been kindly invited by Metsfan21 to join this blog. Despite being 16, I still love Poptropica with all my heart. I also am a Muslim girl who lives in the Northeastern US.  I’ll do everything in my power to serve this blog to the best of my ability!

Can’t wait to get to know you guys!

~Trusty Hawk/Curious Fang/Grey Bird/Cool Kid

Hi guys! This is Metsfan21 posting. I am pleased to welcome Trusty Hawk to The PIB. Next, I’d like to post some stuff from the Multiverse Party I was hanging out in. Header-18.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

I edited it with Photobucket. I’d like to give a big welcome to Trusty Hawk, once again. You Rock!!!!!!!! Another quick update: PopNews! is almost done. Come back in Early November to see it! You can advertise your blog/site in PopNews! Those who want one, will have to wait until the Issue in December, but you can reserve a spot by commenting! Thats all for now.


Update: PT is back on the blog. That means we will not hire any more people for now. I did have one of you guys in mind, so I’ll keep an eye on you.

I have created a new Forum! Heres the link: http://poptropica.freeforums.org/ Staff will become Mods, along with others. Theres a new Ice Age 3 Ad! I can’t beat it, but hopefully this will help. Credit to Sneakyc of the PPB. Now, theres a ton of new stuff to the Poptropica Store. Here is some new cool stuff to the store: [sillystreams_followers.png] The Skull is one of the special Spooky Followers! Here are some new costumes to the store:

There are some new stuff I’d like to ask YOU the PIB viewers to do. Submit some stuff to the upcoming Newspaper, PopNews! The first 5 people to sumbit something to us will get an e-mail with the newspaper 3 days before its published! I’d also like to ask you to recommend paint programs to us. Both you can e-mail to us, at poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com Now, theres another new ad! Heres a pic:New Ad Now, I’m starting a Snaphot Saga! So Here goes: I was on Spy Island and went into the Hair Club for a Haircut. I saw the person who usually cut my hair. We chatted a little bit.Snapped!

Congrats Quick Shadow! You’ve been Snapped!

 Thats all for now! -Metsfan21

Theres a new Astro Boy ad all over Poptropica! Before I tell you about it, I’d like to tell you about Astro Boy, the movie and the anime, yes the anime! Astro Boy was an anime in Japan a long time ago, and was very Popular. It first started in 1952 and ended in 1968. There will be some multiverse codes, for those of you who are too old to get into it. Unlike most ads, This one is not an adventure. In fact, its like the ad from Open Season 2. There are costumizable coustumes, a movie trailer, and a quiz. I’d also like to announce (credit to Zonexus for the following information) that the multiverse codes that let you access ads can and will run out like regular multiverses. Anyway, Astro Boy is an old anime, back from the dead and currently roaming the streets of Poptropica! Also, the Halloween Bashes are canceled, but always check back on Saturdays at 7:00 EST, cause if we have multiverse codes, we’ll post them then. Now I’d like to announce I have my own personal blog! I’m pretty sure you guys know the link, I’ll be posting sneak peeks of future stuff coming to the PIB. This has been Metsfan21, hoping to complete my book report. Before I sign off, I’d like to show you guys a pic I made using photobucket; Header-7-1.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

Note: I don’t take ownership over da Astro Boy Poster Thingy.

Thats everything, Metsfan21

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Hi Abram here! Today’s question is Democracy is what type of government? limited or unlimited?
Another piece of news is that i have created my own blog! It’s the Poptropica Fan Blog. Look for it! it’s the poptropicafanblog.wordpress.com.
Also happy Columbus day!

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