Hey guys! I’m now a new official author of the PIB! And thanks to metfans21 for inviting me here! Anyways, Let me tell you about myself. I’m 10 and I live in New York. My birthday’s December 5th. I love to play poptropica. I’m in 6th grade by now and I play the piano! Well that’s all you guys need to know about me! In other news, This blog needs some improvement! You guys need some special graphic artists or something because I can’t live in under these conditions of bad blog design! Now it’s time to give this site a makeover since I’m here! And I can’t say bye too soon so here’s a present for all the authors of PIB to end this topic! I make these things called, ”Sig Stamps!” where you place them in your posts. So anyways here it is:


Bye for now!