The last items of the  summer store extravaganza are out. The items are a Bobble head and a Poptropican Minimizer, each go for 250 credits. Also, we the Poptropican Info blog apologize for the false information on RTV island. So there is a new way to find things faster in the Poptropica store. Also, Theres a new way to get to the Poptropica Store. Its on Astro-Knights called Ye Olde Poptropica Store.


The new easy way to organize Purchasing things.

The New way to get to the Poptropica Store


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DR. HARE                                               The Pic From the Poptropica Creators’ Blog

                                                                                     Yay blue Print! 🙂

Update: Maroon Fire has confirmed she is coming to the blog! Hands out Thank You Cookie to Maroon Fire! 🙂