It’s that time! But first make sure to read about the Golden Poptropicans below. Now it’s time What are the 6 states of matter? 3 are familar, 1 unfamiliar, and 1 is a freak of nature and also one that has just been made.  If you name the 3 familiar ones you get 1 point, the unfamiliar one 1 point and the freak of nature one 2 points, and if you het the new one you get 2 points.  This is based on difficulty. In total you can get up to 6 points. Yesterday’s question What are the 3 main countries that had the most coloinies on the New World? The answer England,Spain, and France. Congrats Big Joker for getting it right!

Big Joker-3
Fast Runner-1
Congrats Guys!