Theres a new Bionicle adventure on Poptropica. Its only for boys 9-15.  Sorry Girls! If I do say so myself,this adventure is the coolest and hardest adventure yet that has come to Poptropica. If you wanna beat this adventure, I advise you to follow these tips:

If you having the flying power or jetpack, use it!

Look out for Bone Hunters,They’ll fight you and you can’t fight back.

Also,Sparkle Star from The Poptropica Updates Blog found out,this item was leaked through the Limited Edition Pop Star. How? I have absolutely no clue! Also, Muddy Dragon on the PHF guessed it was from Bionicle. We’ll post if something like this happens again. I was a former fan of Bionicle,myself . This adventure is nothing like the Bionicle Series. Its 20x better.When You finish the adventure you get a costume (again,leaked from LE Popstar) and a Fruit Launcher.  Oh yeah,I almost forgot; The Poptropica Clubs,Games and Monthly Multiverse pages have been moved to the Cool Stuff Page. Again,I’d like to congratulate Popular Thunder for joining the blog. I’d also like to announce that I have updated the Header to include Popular Thunder. I’ll be adding his blog to the blogroll soonly. Thats all for now. See you guys later (or maybe not 🙂 ),Metsfan21.