Hi this is Abram. And yes there have been a lot of posts today. So make sure to read the 3 under this one. First peice of news is that a leak has occured that when you buy the LE of the pop star it come with a Bioincle mask. the mask might be part of an old or upcoing ad. And once being a Bioincle fan I must say it looks cool. Next piece of news is that the creator Hazmat Hermit has been found hanging out in the multiverses. Maybe he might come to our multiverse party tonight! Next peice is that 5 creators true identies have been thought to be found. Here they r.
Jeff Kinney is Comic Kid
Jordan Leary is Dr. Hare
Shark Boy is Nate Greenwall
Hazmat Hermit is Justin Lacy and
Tyson Burnham might be Binary Bard
Cool. The first 4 I found out from The PHB and the last one I found out from Speedy Fly’s blog. That’s it from me I hope I see you readers at the multiverse party tonight at 7:45 p.m. EST