September 2009

A new island or ad is coming out in Poptropica! Its a special Island or ad in honor of halloween. Its called, Haunted House Island! Its really Big  News! I’d also like to point out that the creators have changed their avatars.

avatar image Dr.Hare

avatar image Shark Boy

avatar imageVlad the Viking

avatar image Binary Bard

avatar image Comic Kid

avatar imageDirector D

avatar image Thirsty Whale

Does this mean Thirsty Whale is coming back? They’ve also updated their header. We’ll be updating ours shortly.

Heres proof its coming out:


Thanks for the pic, Super Grape 🙂 !

Also, now that Its Halloween, we’ll be temporarily changing our Theme. It’ll go back to the way it was before after Halloween. Metsfan21, Signing off.


Hi Abram here. It that time again! Today’s question is Who was the first female to appear on a U.S. coin? Metsfan21 answered the previous question with the answer the south pole. Here is our present scoreboard


Big Joker-7


Fast Runner-1


Congrats guys! Now for my other subject.  I know I’m a little late with saying this but, IT”S FALL!!! At least it is where I live. It’s been fall for a week now. Fall is one of my favorite seasons beside winter. Also today was the first day I’ve been at school for a week due to illness

Well that’s all. See ya

PT: Okay lets start this interview.

SS: Yeah yeah whatever

PT: So you were arrested for speeding in a school zone

SS: Dude! I thought people get tickets only for that stuff!

PT: Wow, same here.

SS: Hey we could be good friends; partners in crime *evilly grins*

PT: Uhhhhhhhh… No.

SS: Argh! *smashes interview set*


Update (metsfan21): I have a little surprise for Popular Thunder. Its not much. Here it is:<img Popular Thunder's Blog

Bye for now, Metsfan21

As some of you may know, we’ve been having trouble with our header in the past couple hours. I’ve figured out the problem and its fixed now!  Sadly, I lost the old header. It was real great and I liked it better than the old one for those of you who haven’t seen the old header yet, here it is:
The Header

And I bet nearly everybody noticed the new header, but here it is anyway: Untitled

In the pic here, its kinda blurry cause its resized. The real header obviusly ain’t this blurry. I guess you could say I’m a graphics guy now (but still leader of the blog). If you have any ideas for a header please feel free to contact us at . If you give us, a header, we probably won’t use it, but it shows us that you wanna be a part of the blog. Also, for those of you who live in Asia, Europe or anywhere near there, you are most likely to find me on here early morning, or late night. Same for you, fellow Americans. I’ll be on at like 6:30 AM EST, 5:30 PM-6:30 PM EST. I might start a Question of the day thing, like Abram. Only my questions will be around a COLLEGE LEVEL, so don’t feel bad if you get it wrong. So here goes, What is the coldest object yet measured in the Universe? If you are 15 or older,please let the other guys have it. I apoligize for the header being down for a while, and hope you are pleased with the new one. I’m probably post my Question of the Day once a month.

CYA Later,

Hey guys! I’m now a new official author of the PIB! And thanks to metfans21 for inviting me here! Anyways, Let me tell you about myself. I’m 10 and I live in New York. My birthday’s December 5th. I love to play poptropica. I’m in 6th grade by now and I play the piano! Well that’s all you guys need to know about me! In other news, This blog needs some improvement! You guys need some special graphic artists or something because I can’t live in under these conditions of bad blog design! Now it’s time to give this site a makeover since I’m here! And I can’t say bye too soon so here’s a present for all the authors of PIB to end this topic! I make these things called, ”Sig Stamps!” where you place them in your posts. So anyways here it is:


Bye for now!

A young Poptropican with blonde hair walked down the street of Spy Island. His name was Quick Onion. He was heading down to the ASAP Restaurant (formerly the BAD Bistro, until BAD’s evil ways were stopped by none other than Quick Onion himself). He entered the dining place. He read a sign on the wall that said Here we make sure you get your food ASAP(As Soon As Possible). He sat down at a table and a waiter came up to him and asked him what he wanted to eat. Onion looked at the menu when he heard the person sitting at the table behind him jump up. Q. Onion tried to turn around to see why the person had jumped up when the waiter lunged at him. “Oof”, says Onion as he’s tackled aand hit’s the floor. He looked and saw a man in a chef’s hat come out of the kitchen and then… everything went black. (to be continued)

Hi Abram here! Don’t forget to check out the post below the post below this post. In other words just scroll down untill you see the newest post called Question od the Day. Also I’ve noticed that Vlad the Viking hasn’t posted a Snapshot Saga story in 3 months. Usually he would do one every week but I had to search deep in to the archive to find the latest Snapshot Saga. I also wanted to say that possibly tommarow I will be starting a story series. I hope you will like it. Peace guys!

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