Yes you read the title right,there’s a disease spreading around Poptropica! Nothing like the Mechanical Flu. My poptropican already has this odd disease called Poptropica Random-itis! Heres how my poptropican got it: I was done on poptropica, but forgot to quit and save. I went on 20 minutes later. This sign came up about a script being unresponsive. I clicked abort the script. This is when things got freaky. My poptropican did all these random things. Here is a list of signs that you have Poptropica Random-itis:

*Your body running in place(without your head moving)
*Being crushed by thin air(like the Crusher on Super Power Island being crushed by a fridge)
*Pulling a crowbar out of thin air(Like on 24 Carrot)
*Fake swimming
*Your body doing the laughing emote(no head)
*Your Body doing the pride emote(no head)
*Your Body doing the angry emote(no head)
*Falling on your butt(no head)
*Pulling a shovel out of thin air and digging with it(Like Nabooti)
*Playing air guitar
*Thinking emote(not on list of emotes,no head)
*Your body trying to push air(no head or sweat)
*Pulling up arms and pushing ’em back down
*Pulling Anti-Power Handcuffs out of thin air(like on Super Power)
*Pulling a hammer out of thin air and using it
*Funky Dancing
There is one more thing to know about Poptropica Random-itis: YOU CAN’T MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!