robinhoodLNThere is a new limited edition Robin Hood outfit out. And I must say it is pretty awesome. It comes in two different colors, black and white. If I had more than 25 credits I would definilty buy it. It’s about the same but  comes it comes in two different awesome looking colors. The regular outfit comes in blue,red, or green while this one come in black or white. When you click the color the person’s shirt and hat change colors. It’s my favorite of the limited outfits so far. Which here’s the list 1. Robin Hood 2. The Light Ninja 3. Gold Renagade Robot 4.Gold Pop Star. Please comment what your fav. limited editon outfits are.  What would be cool is if maybe they would come out with a black and a gold templar knight and maybe something to do with the karate master and the rock star. Of course these are only predictions but still I think that would be cool.  Also if  you have a suggestion for an outfit that would look cool please comment here. Well that’s it. Good luck Poptropicans protecting Sherwood Forest in your awesome new garb.