August 2009

robinhoodLNThere is a new limited edition Robin Hood outfit out. And I must say it is pretty awesome. It comes in two different colors, black and white. If I had more than 25 credits I would definilty buy it. It’s about the same but  comes it comes in two different awesome looking colors. The regular outfit comes in blue,red, or green while this one come in black or white. When you click the color the person’s shirt and hat change colors. It’s my favorite of the limited outfits so far. Which here’s the list 1. Robin Hood 2. The Light Ninja 3. Gold Renagade Robot 4.Gold Pop Star. Please comment what your fav. limited editon outfits are.  What would be cool is if maybe they would come out with a black and a gold templar knight and maybe something to do with the karate master and the rock star. Of course these are only predictions but still I think that would be cool.  Also if  you have a suggestion for an outfit that would look cool please comment here. Well that’s it. Good luck Poptropicans protecting Sherwood Forest in your awesome new garb.


Yes you read the title right,there’s a disease spreading around Poptropica! Nothing like the Mechanical Flu. My poptropican already has this odd disease called Poptropica Random-itis! Heres how my poptropican got it: I was done on poptropica, but forgot to quit and save. I went on 20 minutes later. This sign came up about a script being unresponsive. I clicked abort the script. This is when things got freaky. My poptropican did all these random things. Here is a list of signs that you have Poptropica Random-itis:

*Your body running in place(without your head moving)
*Being crushed by thin air(like the Crusher on Super Power Island being crushed by a fridge)
*Pulling a crowbar out of thin air(Like on 24 Carrot)
*Fake swimming
*Your body doing the laughing emote(no head)
*Your Body doing the pride emote(no head)
*Your Body doing the angry emote(no head)
*Falling on your butt(no head)
*Pulling a shovel out of thin air and digging with it(Like Nabooti)
*Playing air guitar
*Thinking emote(not on list of emotes,no head)
*Your body trying to push air(no head or sweat)
*Pulling up arms and pushing ’em back down
*Pulling Anti-Power Handcuffs out of thin air(like on Super Power)
*Pulling a hammer out of thin air and using it
*Funky Dancing
There is one more thing to know about Poptropica Random-itis: YOU CAN’T MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first Monthly Multiverse is over. 😦 Unfortunately,every good party has to end. The party lasted about an hour. Heres a list of the guests:Me, Abram, Popular Thunder, Brave Runner, Cuddly Sun, Magic Joker, Noisy Hopper, Nice Singer and Trusty Hammer. For the most part I won games,but I’ve got to hand it to Abram who creamed me at Pathwise! There will be another one soon! 🙂

Metsfan21, out

Poptropica has reached some amazing achievments . To think that I have one of 120 million characters created on the site that’s pretty cool. And that i’m one of 7.5 million kids who visit the site every month. That’s pretty awesome. All those kids come from over 70 diffrent countries. Poptropica even comes in over 90 different languages for all those people from the different countries. That’s pretty cool. Keep up the good work Poptropica!

It appears that the creators have changed the “little devil costume” to a the ”little demon costume”. Why would the creators have done this? Post a comment below if you think you know why? Perhaps Dr.Hare had his giant rabbot change the name. 🙂

Big News! Speedy Fly has excepted my offer to join the blog! Thanks Speedy Fly, you rock. Also, check the blogroll soon,I’ll put up your site.

Big news! No bigfoot has not been found hanging out in the White House. The blog has reached 100 hits! This blog was only started 4 days ago and already we have 100 hits. Maybe that’s a sign of good news to come. Thank you fine people for helping us make this milestone.

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