Hey Guys. Metsfan21 (Now ImSoPsychosocial) here. So, I know I’ve shut down the blog and all. No, this is not a re-boot of the blog. Just allowing everyone to know that I haven’t died (as many people are presumed to be after discontinuing something) and I’m still in contact with some of the former blog members. I’ve moved along with my graphics and coding. Below are some links to sites where you can still find me.

Seperated For Cyanide – Just a Novel that I’ve been working on. PLEASE NOTE: This is a PG-13 novel, as it deals with common day society in an adventurous way.

Deviantart – My Deviantart Page where I post some pictures of been working on.

Youtube – Just an Account on Youtube, I don’t actually make videos.

So, if you want, you can go check those out and be sure to check out my Deviantart for updates on a new Project I’m launching called named Project Psy (Pronounced saɪ). Project Psy will basically be a place where I release Graphics and Coding Tutorials. However, I’m trying to convince a few friends to release Graphics and Coding Tutorials alongside me (if so, their names will be added to the bottom logo). Oh yeah, the logo.


Not much to look at, but this is the first design. So thank you guys, hope to see you again…whenever I post a new blog, but don’t expect one for quite a long time.


Hey guys! It’s Graham with possibly the saddest posts ever. Ok- here we go:

This blog is done. Over. We’re sorry about this, buts its just over. Thanks for all the AWESOME viewers!!!!! You guys rock!! 😀 the blog will remain open for archive purposes. Well, on to the the last paragraph of the Poptropican Info Blog:

This blog was started over 1 year ago by Metsfan21. It was an AMAZING blog, but unfortunately it’s over. Guys, I go out and be the best Poptropican you can be on your own life. BE a POPTROPICAN!!! Live life to your fullest and have fun (though I highly recommend you don’t swim in shark infested waters or walk on lava planets! Guys, thanks for all the support ’till the end. Bye from Mets, Abram, and all the others who ever worked here.  You are true Poptropicans. Thank you SOOO much. Go out! Live life! Have fun!!! Thank you! See ya guys! Peace out! Adios! Bye! Goodbye!!!!!

Your friend,

Graham, Poptropican Info Blog

The great pumpkin island is out. However, this blog may be closing because no one ever posts. I’ll try to keep the blog going as ahrd as I can. Thanks guys. BYE!

Click the link below to see a news story about how Jess Brallier is planning of expanding Poptropica:

Click here.
Edit: It seems the link copyrighted, so it’s the seventh link here.

Poptropica seems to be hurting for money, and having many branded islands seems to be the way they’re doing it. Expect to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid soon, as well as books in 2012. Meanwhile, we can await what looks like it’s going to be Dinosaur Island. Fun!

Top down, in more ways than one

We’ve got a sneak peek at some more development work being done on the newest Poptropica Island.

It’s a top down view, and it looks like that SUV has its top down, too! What do you suppose is happening here?


Four-wheel drive

Yesterday you saw an overhead shot of a vehicle from a new Poptropica Island. We’ve managed to get in a little closer to show you a more detailed picture.

Looks like fans of Poptropica have some off-roading in their future! But… what will you find off the beaten path?


Looks like we might be driving around Jurassic Park soon, or at least something like it. I don’t even have a license! Make sure to check out the Poptropica store for the new Steam Robot.

UPDATE: The article has a bad link. Just checking in ;). I’d also like to honor those who have fallen in 9/11. If you’re wondering what’s been happening to me, I’ve been working on graphics a ton, and I can do some cool effects and even improve Image Quality. This’ll probably be the last time you hear from me.


This is our 1 year anniversary!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! 🙂 😀  ★☆ ❤ ℑhis day, 1 year ago, the Poptropican Info Blog was published by the great Metsfan21!!! Many good things have happened since then, but the list is too long, so I’ll just say we helped people in Poptropica. CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!! YAAAAAAAAaaaaaayy…That’s it.  In other news, there are houses in the making.

This is a cozy estate.

A big mansion.

A cool, creative house.

Country homes? COUNTRY ISLAND? I would LOVE that. COOL! I like the cozy estate. What about you? Oh- STEAMWORKS island is out.

So, that’s it! 1 year of fun! Have some cake and CELEBRATE. I’m Graham- OUT!

Well, all you members out there, you get to experience the thrill, the excitement, and the pure awesomeness of Steamworks Island starting on August 12, otherwise known as this Thursday. Captain Crawfish is counting down, look below:

The final countdown to Steamworks Island

The wait is almost over. Poptropica Members will have Early Access to Steamworks Island beginning this Thursday, August 12. We think you’ll really like this one.

There are plenty of surprises in store for Poptropicans, and lots left to discover about Steamworks Island. So, as we count down to the launch of Steamworks Island, we’ll be sharing just a few more snapshots of what you have to look forward to.

This appears to be a shop of some kind. I wonder if there’s anything useful in there?


This seems to be Sully’s Steam-Powered Paraphernalia, a shop somewhere on Steamworks Island, shown in the trailer at 0:25. A calender, a bell, a clock, a hot air balloon, a radio, and plenty of gears. Who know what you’ll need to complete your quest!

Look at this awesome new store item!

Psychedelic Shirt

Check out this crazy new shirt inside the Poptropica store. It looks like it’s moving!


Definitely wanting this shirt, and I would get it if I was a member, but since I’m not. It seems some people here are… JK xD Although the girl in the video was kinda creepy looking. I thought she might bite my face off. Master Mime, if this is who you hang out with, you better watch out. Make sure to look below for Binary Bard’s last encounter with Sprocket before heading to Steamworks Island. See you there!